Top 30 LOL

2010-07-15 16:02:30 by ToxicBlizzard

Damn i laughed os hard
all this time trying to make songs to aim to the top 30
who knew one of my old songs from my other account would get top 30
well thanks to all that voted :)
Peace guys

Top 30 LOL


2010-06-13 09:42:21 by ToxicBlizzard

Big wave of great ideas for music just came to me
so expect some new and better songs coming from me


2010-05-23 05:55:37 by ToxicBlizzard

Well i havent ben posting any thing for some time now
yeah but im getting back on track and posting my new stuff
espect new genres like hard bass and that stuff
Because hard bass is whats pumping right now
eh eh
Still aiming for the top 30
but hey you never know




2009-12-30 13:32:05 by ToxicBlizzard

Hey guys
ben having a fun time here on newgrounds
but now im wanting to go bigger
im now trying to get top 30
its hard but trying isnt bad




2009-12-13 05:49:07 by ToxicBlizzard

Hey people
Well im new here in newgrounds and im going to start posting some of the songs i make
i will only post finished songs no demos no other stuff
Hope you enjoy my stuff further on